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written and arranged by Jeff and Vangic Gunn
orchestration and key boards by John Campbell
bass by Tim Jaquette
drums by Steve Di Stanistao
duet by Jeff and Vangic Gunn


Here we are today
Kneeling in Your presence
Lord, we thank You for bringing us together
We praise you for the way
You've taught us to love
We commit to You as the lord over our union
Here we are

Oh Father, thank You for Your love
How You've given me the one
The one I've dreamed of
Its only through You that I have no fear
And I thank You Jesus for Your hands that brought us here

Lord Jesus, How Your love has changed my life
You sent the perfect partner and I see You in her eyes
All that we are, Lord, keep us in Your care
Be the center of our will, this is our prayer

You have made us into one where there used to be two
Lord, we take this moment now to bind our hearts to You
Fill our home with blessing and protect us on our way
Lord, we thank You everyday

©1996 Artillery Music